My Talented Mother

A lot of people ask where I get all of talent from, it has to be my Momma.   A few weeks back Mom was in a talent contest and I was there to film.  She sang O’America an did an amazing job.

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thank you very much

Mikey needed a special way to say thank you to all his pals for all the awesome birthday presents.

The cards are 3.5×5 folded press cards, below is the back on the left and the front on the right.


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Mikey turns 4

Mikey had an amazing Cars themed birthday party that would have made Lighting McQueen proud!  Him and his pals had a great time racing cars, eating cake and riding Mikey’s new bike.

Before the party started I took Mikey and his little brother out for a quick photo shoot.

Oh that smile, what a little heart breaker 😉

Mikey’s little brother

Mikey’s Mom had a race track set up and each kid got to make their own car.

Time for cake!

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This handsome little guy was so wonderful to photograph.  He was wide awake, alert and just a pleasure.  His proud Mom, Grandmom and Grandpa were on hand to help out.

Luca was born a Phillies and Orioles fan.

I think he likes the Phillies better 😉

What a catch…

Look at that face, he is so sweet.

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An offical announcement

I had so much fun creating announcements for this little doll.  These were  5×7 press printed cards and were a hit among the family! 


inside left

inside right minus the names 😉

back with the baby’s big brother

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One of the new loves in my life, my niece.  She is bright eyed, sweet and soon to be America’s next top model.   I think she has a lot of Daddy’s features but all of Mommy’s charm. She is just the sweetest little thing.

After this shoot I decided to take my photography to the next level and that’s where this blog will start.

angel baby

pretty princess

I know, I know she’s crying but her little expression is priceless.

ducky love

el babe in basket

I think she is saying….please stop filming me 😉

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